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  • sari

    Sari Papazian


    Experience is the foundation of success in any endeavor. Business owners who combine extensive operational knowledge with a steadfast focus on their customers' needs accomplish desired outcomes in nearly every instance. Sari Papazian exemplifies these truths using his lifelong experience as an entrepreneur. He internalized that the degree of commitment to and quality of service provided to individuals and businesses is directly related to customer satisfaction and loyalty. His businesses rated highly because of prompt response and dedication to customer requests. After graduating from Notre Dame University—Louaize with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Advertising, he determined to build on his model of providing valuable goods and helpful services upon which customers could rely.

    The global disruption caused by Covid 19 opened the door to establishing resources for individuals and businesses struggling to manage a new world of cleaning and disinfecting goals. Once established in the cleaning and disinfection sector, natural evolution led to a broader range of residential and business restoration services, including water damage, fire damage, and mold remediation. Partnering with AdvantaClean was a clear choice to strengthen and sustain this expansion.

    Those who have faced the challenges of attending to water damage, fire damage, and mold remediation in their residences or commercial buildings understand these crises cause high levels of stress and anxiety. The prospect of expensive repairs and upheaval in home and business life is overwhelming. Joining forces with AdvantaClean® as a franchise proffered the right combination of branding, training, and state-of-the-art equipment to restore properties afflicted with water damage, fire damage, or in need of mold remediation quickly and professionally.

    Leveraging the resources of AdvantaClean ensures that customers suffering the aftermath of flooding, water damage, and smoke and fire damage find fast resolutions based on industry best practices. Microbial organism outbreaks overwhelm property owners, but research-based mold remediation is a solid solution, particularly when implementing water damage mitigation strategies that eliminate ongoing moisture problems. Mold remediation is sustainable using this approach.

    Mold remediation services are also commonly indicated after fire damage, as the water used to quell the flames sets the stage for mold spore germination and growth. Water damage, fire damage, and mold remediation intertwine, mandating that restoration crews responding must hold certifications in all three disciplines. In most disaster scenarios, the interrelation of mold remediation to water damage and fire damage is the norm, emphasizing why proficiency in these three specialties is ubiquitous among AdvantaClean franchises.

    Why is AdvantaClean an Industry Leader?

    AdvantaClean seeks prospective franchise owners and operators who are cognizant of the fact that water damage, fire damage restoration, and mold remediation form the backbone of a reliable and reputable restoration company. Linking water leaks to mold remediation or unattended stovetops to fire damage is insufficient to guarantee restoration. Complete recovery means listening to your concerns about the water damage that ruined a child's stuffed teddy bear. Inspection and comprehensive mold remediation can help protect family members from allergies or health problems. Swiftair filtration and water damage mitigation go hand in hand with the removal of toxic debris and residue in dwellings or offices after fire damage.

Achievements and Certifications

At AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs we provide the best services backed by our certifications and training.

Additional Certifications

  • Water Restoration Technician (WRT)
  • Air Systems Cleaning Specialist (ASCS)
  • Ventilation System Mold Remediator (VSMR)
  • Certified Mold Remediation Contractor (CMRC)
  • 30 Hour Construction Safety and Health
  • Asbestos Awareness
  • Lead renovation certification
  • 80 hours of Advantaclean Franchise Training

AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs Achievements!

We provide the residents of Sandy Springs, with the warm customer care of a local business and the skilled service of a national franchise. AdvantaClean has been improving its work continuously throughout its more than 25-year+ history.


  • Sandy Springs Chamber of Commerce
  • Rotary
  • BNI - Business Networking International
  • Ex Naval Special Warfare Combat Crewman

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