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If you live in Katy, TX, you'll be glad to know that there's a company nearby that can provide environmental cleaning. Our name is AdvantaClean, and we take on the jobs that your average janitorial service can't. We focus mainly on:

Everything we do has the backing of a more than 20-year-old national brand. We're just one of dozens of locations across the U.S., but we follow the same high standards that have made AdvantaClean so widely trusted. We have 24-hour availability in case there's an emergency.

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One should never try mold removal alone; it requires the proper safety gear and top equipment. Our technicians carry both; we'll use HEPA-filtered vacuums to suck this fungus out of your walls, ceiling, drainpipe, or other surface, and afterwards we'll disinfect the area with an EPA-approved chemical. Encapsulation is always possible if a structure doesn't give up all of its mold.

Sometimes, an infestation can be so minor that it doesn't require anything so drastic as mold removal. That's where mold remediation comes in. The purpose of this is to keep mold levels in the atmosphere down to a safe minimum (note that mold can never be removed 100% from the atmosphere), and to that end, we can set up HEPA-filtered air scrubbers.


There are many ways your property can incur water damage, especially since our region is known for flooding. Our team will arrive in trucks fully equipped with water pumps, fans, floor scrubbers, and other necessary tools. Trust us because we're certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

We'll begin the water damage restoration process by extracting any pools of water, drying the interior, and going behind walls and under floorboards to eliminate seepage. Our staff will also treat your furniture, carpets, and other belongings. We'll safely handle electronic equipment on your behalf.

After the work is done, you could ask us about ways to prevent water damage in the future. For example, we can waterproof basement walls and encapsulate crawl spaces.


Air ducts gather all sorts of indoor and outdoor contaminants like dirt, pollen, and pet hair, which can affect the indoor air quality and even strain the HVAC system. Let us remove any blockage, run our vacuums over the ducts, and deodorize them if they've retained the smell of tobacco smoke. We'll even wash the compressor coil outside to ensure that the system works efficiently.

At AdvantaClean, our service area covers Katy, Spring, and other communities in Greater Houston. Whether you need immediate mold removal or you want to set up an appointment for your yearly dryer vent cleaning, our employees will be there in no time.

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Giving Back with St. Jude: Give Five, Change Lives

“Our franchisees are generous, charitable and eager to continue finding ways to give back. They have been very vocal about their excitement about our partnership with St. Jude, and they are excited to be participating and are ready to make a mark on such a worthy cause.”

- Matt Phillips, President, AdvantaClean Learn More
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