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Success Stories

Location: Naples, FL 34119

Problem: Taresa called and said she and her daughter had been experiencing chest pain and sinus issues for two to three weeks. She said they had been going through a bathroom remodel and asked if we could come over and take a look.

Solution: When we got to the home we saw mold on the wall that had been behind the bathroom vanity. It appeared that after they had removed the cabinet and exposed the mold the occupants began to experience the respiratory effects mold can bring on. We put together a proposal and were hired! We contained the master suite, put it under negative air pressure, remove the visible mold and cleaned the contained area by HEPA vacuuming, wiping with an antimicrobial solution and then HAPA vacuuming again. We also ran air scrubbers in the contained area and in the living quarters for a few days. The job was completed in five days and the owners are breathing better and living in a healthy home once again. 

Naples-FL-Breathing-Issues-After-Reno-Mold-1.png Naples-FL-Breathing-Issues-After-Reno-Mold-2.png