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Success Stories

Location: Central Valley, CA 95368

Problem: Tenants noticed a nasty odor in the kitchen and reported to the owner. The owners concerned about the potential of mold and possible health concerns called AdvantaClean to complete an inspection. Unfortunately, the inspection showed moisture intrusion had caused mold to grow on and behind the cabinets and corresponding walls.

Solution: Hired to find a solution and correct the situation, AdvantaClean then proceeded to remove the appliances and cabinets to locate the source of the moisture intrusion. Once the leak was located (inside the wall behind the cabinets was a faulty dishwasher line) it was repaired. Then all contaminated areas and items were removed and either cleaned and sanitized or disposed. Testing was then competed to insure all mold contamination was eliminated. Due to the urgency of the owners wanting to provide a cleaner healthy living space, their tenants are now free from any potential health concerns. Understanding that majority of a family’s time is spent in their home, AdvantaClean knows the right solution was provided for them. 

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