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Success Stories

Location: Winston Salem, NC 27104

Problem: Large 46 condo unit at a large retirement community needed dryer vents cleaned. Dryer vent "bird" screens on the exterior of the building appeared to be clogged with lint. The owner wanted us to remove the bird screens and clean the dryer vents. Trees, shrubbery, landscaping, and building design all add to the difficulty in accessing the dryer vent outlets. The back of the building is four stories of the ground. Safety of the crew and the residents was of first priority. We had to operate a large boom lift near the building, on sidewalks near the front entrance, and on the residents' roadways leading to the front entrance and parking garage.

Solution: Crew worked with an 85-foot articulating boom lift and a 28-foot extension ladder to access the exterior dryer vent outlets and remove the bird screens. An on the ground safety spotter and proper signage (traffic cones) made safe work area run smoothly and safely. 

Winston-Salem-NC-Commercial-Dryer-Vent-0820.png Winston-Salem-NC-Commercial-Dryer-Vent-Pic2-0820.png