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Success Stories

Location: Wales, WI 53189

Problem: AdvantaClean of Suburban Milwaukee was called out to perform a detailed inspection in a Waukesha county home after a home inspector recognized what appeared to be microbial growth in the attic. Once the inspection was performed and microbial growth was confirmed, a plan was created to resolve the issue and remove the mold so that the closing of the home sale could be completed as scheduled.


Solution: All tasks in our remediation plan follow the guidelines laid out in the IICRC S-520 manual for professional mold remediation to ensure the job is done correctly and safely! The team’s first step to remediating the mold is to set up a containment area and create negative pressure with a HEPA filtered air scrubbing machine so that no live spores of mold travel throughout the rest of the home. Once negative pressure is set up the team uses HEPA filtered vacuums to vacuum every surface in the attic to remove growth and spores. Once vacuuming is completed, our team treats every surface by spraying and scrubbing the entire area with a high-quality anti-microbial disinfectant. After that, a chemical stain remover is used which will remove the staining left by microbial growth. Once the area has been disinfected and thoroughly cleaned AdvantaClean will run the air scrubbers for 2 additional days to clean and recirculate the air. 

Wales-WIS-Attic-Mold-Removal-AFTER-0717.png Wales-WIS-Attic-Mold-Removal-BEFORE-0717.png

Location: Milwaukee, WI 53089

Problem: AdvantaClean has a multi-year contract with the VA hospital to do the dryer vent cleaning for all of the buildings on their campus in Milwaukee, WI. They have 64 dryers on the campus located in the hospital, long term care living centers, private residences and labs. They need to be cleaned every 6 months.

Solution: AdvantaClean uses a combination of agitation, brushing and suction to unclog and remove lint from the dryer vents. This service increases the efficiency and prolongs the life of the dryers as well as reduces drying times and fire risk. 

photo-2.jpg photo-1.jpg

Location: Racine, WI 53403

Problem: The Racine County maintenance department had a need for cleaning the air handling units and duct work that services the county jail. The system had never been cleaned and there were complaints regarding the poor quality of the air that was coming out of the vents. The duct work was insulated and the insulation was deteriorating to the point that some of the insulation was being blown around in the cells.

Solution: The Racine county maintenance director contacted AdvantaClean of Suburban Milwaukee to bid on this project. AdvantaClean had worked with Racine county on other projects, including cleaning the air handling units and duct work in the county social services building, a multi-story facility that had suffered a water loss due to a sprinkler system failure. AdvantaClean of Suburban Milwaukee did a thorough evaluation of the facility, to include an analysis of the blueprints to understand the facility layout, the challenges of working in a secured environment, and developed a solid game plan to clean the air handlers and ducts with minimal disruption to the Racine county correctional officers and inmates. AdvantaClean also encapsulated the ductwork with an anti-microbial coating to minimize future microbial growth in the system, while providing some additional stability to the existing insulation. 

TurningVanes.jpg TurningVanesAfter.jpg SupplyDuct.jpg RegistersBefore.jpg

Location: Milwaukee, WI 53089

Problem: The Clement J. Zablocki Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center is located on 125 acres on the western edge of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This facility handles over 500,000 visits annually. It is a large, highly specialized medical facility with a strong focus on critical and long-term care for veterans.

Operating rooms, emergency rooms, and intensive care units are highly sensitive critical care environments that are susceptible to microbial pollution coming through an HVAC system. The VA has stringent requirements for indoor air quality because of this risk of viral cross-contamination. Choosing to proactively protect its patients and staff, the VA contracts air duct cleaning on a yearly basis.

Solution: AdvantaClean's Government Accounts team secured the initial contract for air duct cleaning in over 70,000 square feet of critical care space at the Zablocki VA Medical Center. Due to rapid patient turnover and sensitive scheduling requirements, our work needed to be completed quickly and when the rooms were empty. AdvantaClean of Suburban Milwaukee successfully completed the job after-hours and on weekends in accordance with the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) standards. As a result of our work, the Milwaukee VA extended its contract with AdvantaClean of Suburban Milwaukee for five years.

AdvantaClean has a long history with air duct cleaning in VA hospital and medical facilities. We have completed over 50 light environmental projects in VA facilities nationwide, and we understand the sensitive nature of working in medical settings. AdvantaClean is a GSA Schedule holder, making contracting with us easy.


Location: New Berlin, WI 53153

Problem: Mold was present in the attic due to the bathroom fan not being properly vented outside. This caused moisture to build up in the attic.

Solution: We first vacuumed all of the surfaces to get all spores and fragments out of air, then we spray our first treatment which is MMR, that is used as a lightener for stains. After that we use dry shock-wave which is an antimicrobial spray used to sterilize the attic. Next we fog the interior using an antimicrobial solution, this kills any remaining spores flying in air or on insulation. Finally we leave an air scrubber in for 48 hrs to make sure the entire air is clean. 

MoldAttic.jpg MoldAttic2.jpg CleanAttic.jpg Cleanattic2.jpg